The Space Station has been infested by an alien hive-mind life-form known only as The Entity. You need to escape, but your shuttle is out of power!

Search the station for energy cells and return them to your shuttle. Do this enough times, and you will be able to escape safely! You can only carry one at a time, however.

The Entity spreads itself throughout the station while you explore, so beware! One touch leads to instant death. You can slow its progress by welding doors shut. And if you accidentally weld yourself into a room, you can always bash down the door.


Use the arrow keys to move.

To weld a door shut, face it and press the Z, Y, or Space key.

To bash down a welded door, press the X or Shift key while facing it.

To insert a carried energy cell into your shuttle, stand near it and press the X key.


  • Energy Cell  - Collect one at a time and bring them back to your shuttle to power it up!
  • Fuel Can  - Replenishes the fuel in your welding torch. A full tank can be used five times.

This game originated as a submission for Ludum Dare 39 and is in continued development on this page. See the link below for the original Ludum Dare version.
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StatusIn development
GenreAction, Survival
Made withOpenFL
Tagsbear, Space
Average sessionA few minutes

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